Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and we're done

go ahead and move the ol' bookmarks to this spot:


everything on this page is going to disappear somewhat swiftly. it will be restored (along with the old kmorg blog, and selected entries from the myspace blog) in a new, singular archive. I will be taking the time to go through every single entry and properly tag things, and will create a "best of" page as I do that. not sure how long that will take, so be patient. in the meantime, the new blog (and other various goodies) will be found at the above link. eventually.

1 by the by, the .cn extension is the new "china" extension.,, and were all taken, and a .cn domain was only $3. the choice seemed clear. you can either say we're huge firefly fans, or we're just preparing for the future. whatever makes you happier.

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